Sunday, November 11, 2018 at 10 AM – 12 PM

Ooooo… This event is going to be juicy on so many levels!

A potent light filled 11•11 gateway day which takes us INTO the vortex, INTO the Universe, INTO the fire, INTO source itself; the portal of 11•11•11☆

The 11th day of the 11th month in an 11 year, these master numbers propelling us into grace, into light, into the I am that I am..
Our own ISness will be activated!

With Kate Barzdo as our special guest, she brings her stunning voice, chants and songs taking us deep into the core of who we are.. With her Angelic Harp accompanying her, we are truly in for a delightful symphony of high light quotient…

I will be sharing all about these yummy energies we are in, allowing us to tap into this rare 11•11•11 goodness where I will activate your third eye with amethyst powder, ground you with hematite powder all whilst Kate serenades you…
This activation follows a potent 11 minute meditation from 11am-11.11am where in silence, with only the harp playing, we go to the core of our self, the heart of the matter, and hear our souls speak…
This 11mins will be a container held in light, filled with infinite potential and peace.

We will then stay in meditation as Kate sings magic to our souls and will end the morning with movement & dance, where we can anchor into our bodies all that has just unfolded… YES!

Oh my.. I can not wait!!

If this feels yummy to your entire being please join us for this sacred event..

Cost is $44

BSB- 014305
ACC- 556375799

Please arrive at 9.45am so we can gather, smudge, open our hearts and fully arrive for a 10am start…

Yum, just yum!

Kate & I are looking forward to holding this glorious space for you all in co-creation with the divinely orchestrated portal day which seriously feels so deep, rich, transformational and full of light ☆

Bless bless bless XO