Create event

  1. Add post 
  2. Set event name, including date (cos using posts, not Event type which would show date automatically)
  3. Set category to “Tour
  4. Upload flyer to “Featured image”
  5. Save/Publish

Create ticket

  1. Add product
  2. Name it same as event, but also include dates
  3. Set to “Virtual” so it doesn’t ask for users’ postal address!

Add ticket to event

Go back to Event page, edit Text rather than Visual, add the following, replacing with the appropriate product ID.

<a class="my-button" href="checkout/?add-to-cart=1250">Book now</a>

If the tickets are at Zen Space, use this (replacing event with appropriate one):

<a class="my-button" href="">Book at Zen Space</a>

Change order of events on Tour page

To change the order, go to Posts -> Reorder, and drag them into the position you want. Make sure you click on Update down the bottom of that page. (Unfortunately, ALL posts show up, not just the current ones.)

Remove event from Tour page

Edit the event you want to remove, and add the category “Past”, then it won’t show up. The website is cached, so you may need to delete the AutoOptimize cache before you see the changes!

You’ll also need to edit the Product (tickets) for that event, so they don’t show up on the Shop page. You can either delete it, remove the “Tour” tag (you can set it to “Tour PAST” if you want), or change it to “Draft” or “Pending Review”.

(and here’s a link to the Zen Space admin page, in case I need hints on how to set up THIS page)