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Creating deep
peace & happiness
through sound, song and mantra.

Album # 2 is on the way!

She’s been a long time coming and she’s finally on her way! Album # 2 is halfway through and we’re calling in the cheerleaders! I made this video for you, sharing the story so far and your invitation to join the tribe. Enjoy! 🙏💕🔥

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Kate B

…. ♥ creates music for the soul ♥ ….

Chanting, mantra & uplifting inspirational songs from the heart combine with melodic vocals and many strings. She has been a singer for as long as she can remember and first picked up the guitar when she was 14. She has done everything musical short of playing in an orchestra… from folk to blues and cafes to weddings and community choirs. Her journey has more recently carried her back to the world of chanting, mantra and kirtan, revisiting an old passion in the joy of creating uplifting sound with others…. Read more >

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