Learn to play Ukulele in 2020 – four week challenge with Kate B!

Are you ready to pick up an instrument and learn to play some music?

The exciting news is that I’m embarking on a journey into the world of online learning!  It’s a big learning curve for me and you’re invited to join me on this maiden voyage!   I’m super excited about the potential of supporting many people to learn to play an instrument, not just those who can make the time to get to a lesson in person.

My offer:

If you’ve always wanted to play Ukulele, this is a great place to start.  In your own time, in your own home, at your own pace, but with the support of me and each other!  There are PLENTY of courses out there which are free but if you get stuck, you’re on your own… The difference is here that I will be with you each step of the way.  We’ll have a group on Facebook to stay connected and I’ll be dropping in a few times a week to check for any questions.  At the end of the module I’ll hold a live Q & A session so I can answer any further questions you might have or help with any challenges!

Perhaps you have:

  • Hesitated to get started with an instrument because you were told ‘we’re not musical’
  • Tried before and failed through lack of support
  • Or you’ve compared yourself to others and given up (I’ll never catch up to them!)
  • Or you’ve struggled to find the time to get to lessons…

Far too many people think that ‘you are a musician’ and ‘I am not’… give me some time and you can be too!   I know the steps needed for you to learn to play an instrument and sing along and SOUND GOOD!   I honestly believe that anyone with the desire to play an instrument can learn. Patience, commitment, fun and time are the key ingredients to success!

I’ll be taking you through strumming, reading chord charts, different rhythms & time signatures, finger picking and more.  We’ll be learning a bunch of different songs from different genre’s including chanting, blues, reggae, pop & folk styles.  Some will be covers and some of my original songs.

We’ll be travelling together and going slow and steady, building confidence as we go … so we’re able to ensure your success!  Just one little bite at a time.   Your time commitment will be just one hour a week!  That’s a 15-20 minute lesson, and only 5 mins of practice a day!

Not only will I be addressing the mechanics of holding the instrument, tuning, playing chords & keeping time, but we’ll also be look at the psychology of learning and the unhelpful thinking which can distract us from our goal!

My expertise is years of playing live with lots of different people in a multitude of instruments… guitar, use, harp, percussion & voice. My gaps are in reading music and playing solos… not my specialty!   But for me these things were never needed to get to where I am now.

The details:

We kick off on Wednesday January 15 and I’ll be offering a special deal for those joining me for the debut!  You have the opportunity to sign up for a four week ‘Getting Started‘ online course on learning to play the Ukulele.  This will lead into two other modules, ‘Getting Comfey‘ & ‘Getting Confident‘!

The first course will be offered at a discounted rate of $97 for four weeks.  If you’re ready to commit to your goal of learning to play and you sign up for all three modules,  you’ll save 30%!  That’s 16 week course of 3 modules = 4 week intro + 6 + 6 weeks to get you well underway towards being a confident player!   

The full price is $587 but I’m offering $397 for the entire course AND I’ll gift you a digital copy of my songbook worth $15 which has chord charts for all the songs on both my albums.  This is a one time, up front offer.  Subsequent modules (ie if you want to keep going after 4 weeks) will be will be full price (still great value at $37 per lesson!)

4 weeks – discounted = $97 – (full price – $147)

6 weeks – discounted = $150 – (full price  – $220)

I’m going to limit the first module to just 20 participants (and a few friends).  This is my first time through so I will be learning the technology and filming the lessons as I go so am keen to keep the numbers easy.

If you’ve been playing for a while now, i’d love to chat to you before you book.  You might not need all the content of the beginners course BUT i’d like you to run through it anyway so that we’re all on the same page for subsequent modules and you haven’t missed anything important in the foundation.   (Depending on where you are with your playing this may mean a discount or you might be invited to come through for free!)

You can check out the welcome video on facebook here and if you’re keen for some more details jump into the event.

When you’re ready to commit, select the course you’d like to take below and sign up!


If you prefer one on one time, you can book some with Kate here!

Happy new year, happy new decade!

Kate x

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