Are you ready to pick up an instrument and learn to play some music?

This will be my third year offering online courses… Ukulele & Celtic Harp… and soon to come, ‘From the Couch to the Stage’ a mentoring course!

“I signed up to Kates full ukulele course and have found Kate’s teaching style to be so completely enjoyable. Her videos are easy to follow with clear instructions but also super fun. I like that I can keep going back to them to practice over and over. I have also found that instead of sitting with my ukulele and just totally focusing on what I’m suppose to be doing I can sit and just enjoy playing it. Picking up my ukulele isn’t a chore it’s a joy. Thanks Kate. 😊.”  Sallie, Karalee

If you’re keen for the details, choose your course below… and see you online soon!!  

Kate xx

More happy customers…!

“Loved the online Learn to play Uke course with Kate B. Each lesson had new chords & songs to play along with. I have done a little self teaching on the uke but what I learned with Kate was invaluable & definitely improved my ability to change chords, strum & sing along. Being a part of the course inspired me to keep up my practice which noticeably improved my playing. The course did not disappoint & exceeded my expectations. Thanks Kate 😊.”  Rii, Mount Mee

If you prefer one on one time, you can book some with Kate here!

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