Namaste friends!

On the sunny new years morning of 2014, I shared with some good friends, my intention for the coming year: to ‘undam the musical flow’.  In July of 2014 at the completion of a yoga retreat I shared that it was high time I recorded a CD.  After years of what felt like holding back the creative flow in order to keep up with demands of the busy-ness of ‘life’, the floodgates were finally opened!  This album, my debut, is a testament to the potency of setting an intention, being witnessed and having so much support along the way…

Acknowledgements & thanks!

To Andy, Imogen & Lilybel…. So blessed to have met you and for the musically inspired friendships which have ensued! Andy your talent and attention to detail is evident in the final product… you should be proud! Very grateful to have found you. Love your work!

Imi – those beautiful harmonies! So blessed to have your harmonious input to find the layers in the vocals and sing alongside me and for bringing your choir too! Lilybel, can’t wait to hear your first recording! Thank you both for walking me through it. Big love!

Haitch – my brother from another mother! Thanks for you gentle encouragement to send me on my way, for the kick in the pants when I need it most and for your creative & musical contributions. LOVE!

Thanks to Kevin James, Lulu & Mischka, Prem & Jethro (Sacred Earth) and Daphne Tse for blazing the trail and encouraging me to find my own authentic offering. Big gratitude for your inspiration and your support!

To my darling friends Sherrelle, Karen, Tina, Brian, Gwyn & Gaia, my folks and my family… thanks for being such great cheerleaders!

To Ange Hammond for a beautiful website, sven for the perfectly timed very clever artwork and Robyn Mill for such artistic photography. Special thanks to those who pledged in the crowd funding campaign – SO GRATEFUL!

Biggest thanks goes to my partner Ross for your support on the project, for keeping the home fires burning while I have been trekking back and forth to the studio and for your infinite love and encouragement. Love and thanks to you ALL!

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The album was recorded, mixed & produced by Andy Downer at A.D.STUDIO, Lismore. Lyrics & Music by Kate Barzdo. Arranged by Andy Downer & Kate Barzdo. Mastering by Don Bartley of Benchmark Studios, Sydney.

Kate B plays: Maton EM808 6 string guitar, Mini Maton 12 String (Johnny Diesel Special), Maton F10 vintage folk nylon string guitar, Luna ‘peace’ concert Ukulele, Denwar ‘Therapy’ Celtic Harp, Koshi ‘Earth’ Chime and crystal bowl.

Guest Artists:
A huge thanks to all the guests artists who joined me on this project – it wouldn’t be what it is without your creative input and focus! Cheers!Andy Downer: Bass, Piano & Drum programming on the album and additional melodies on Earth Turning, Watch Over You and Ninderry.

Imogen Wolf: Vocal arrangements for Sun & Moon, Om Shanti and Gayatri. Vocal performance in Sun & Moon and Gayatri. ‘Harmony cavalry to the rescue’ on Ninderry ;-).

Haitch: Native American Drone Flute on Namaste and Sun & Moon, Trumpets and Vocals on Sun & Moon, Didge on Earth Turning & Ninderry.

Choir Baby: Choir Vocal performance in Om Shanti and Sun & Moon – thanks!

Emanuel Lieberfreund: Flute in Om Shanti.

Gareth Mewes: Violin in Earth Turning, Watch Over You and Ninderry .

Alex McKean: Doboro Slide guitar in Earth Turning.

Fraser Island whales: Earth turning… Contact them around August-October every year in Platypus bay off the west cost of Fraser!

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