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Kate B Press Kit 2019





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Kate Bio:

A singer for as long as she can remember, Kate has done everything musical short of playing in an orchestra! From blues to folk, cafe gigs & community choirs, Kate creates music that touches the soul. Here you find words of peace, love & joy that float in melodious contemplation, songs to uplift the heart, to be still amongst and songs to slow dance. Seek rest for your soul no more, it is here.

Chanting & Heartsongs:

We gather. We become still. We join our hearts in song. We share harmony. You are warmly invited to join Kate B for this gathering of sacred song, chanting & mantra. Find inner stillness & bliss through chanting!


With a modern infusion of eclectic styles including of traditional chants, beautiful folk songs and sweet harmonies this music is truly a pleasure to the ear and the heart. Kate plays her harp, ukulele & guitar, sharing sweet original sounds. You can rest, you can sing, you can enjoy the vibe!

Workshop – Sing Your Heart:

Come and discover your voice and learn how to sing from the heart leaving behind any ‘stories’ about what singing is and surrendering to your innate voice wisdom. Lets together discover your natural singing confidence! Be inspired!