Invitation to join the crowd fund for the new album, includes live studio footage and a preview of the new songs!

Live recording with Sacred Earth for their album Presence

Om Shanti live on Island Elements in 2017 – with special guests, Brian Martin, Murray Kyle & Elliott Orr

A beautiful clip for Sun & Moon created by Devi

Earth Turning with footage from a week on a yacht in the Bay of Dreams (Platypus Bay) just off the west coast of K’Gari (Fraser Island).  This is where this song was written many years ago!

An invitation to join us at HeartSong!  A womens weekend singing and yoga retreat.

Live at High Vibes in the Valley with Haitch & Caroline Hammond.  Credits to Shawn Riley for the fantastic video!

Live at The Planting Festival (Woodford) 2016.  Voice-in-chant with the wonderful Darren Percival.  Cheers to Amanda Percival for the footage!

Footage and promo video for HeartSong!  A weekend retreat for women who love to sing!  For more info see the retreats page….