CHRIS MAPSTONE has launched his first solo album, SPIRIT SONGS. He now brings his songs to Zen Space in Samford on March 4th.

KATE B and her band will also be live and connected on March 4th, sharing their incredibly heart warming and inspiring music with us.



Byron Bay singer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist CHRIS MAPSTONE has reached a new point of evolved creativity and musical expression with his latest recording. In December he releases a new album, “Spirit Songs”, nine tracks that spread wide and far in their diversity and musicality.

The album was recorded with producer, mixer and engineer MURRAY KYLE, at the base of Wollumbin mountain, in Uki. The magical essence of this land inspired, grounded and energised the recording sessions, and its magic is captured in the songs. The music was created from the heart, for the heart and of the heart, blending folk, world, traditional and ancient melodies to create an album of Sacred Medicine Music.
The cosmic array of incredibly talented musicians featured on this album include DOMINIC RADO, OLIVIA ROSEBERY, PRHLAD CAVE, HAITCH, DAMIAN CAMPBELL and MURRAY KYLE.

“This album feels like the truest expression of my own lifes path to date. These are Medicine Songs, and they have been born of ceremony, experience, love, and every shade of life possible. I am so happy and proud to be gifting this music into our world. I hope and pray it reaches as far and wide as it needs, and the journey is a blessed one. Every time we create from the heart, and offer the gift that has been received, our existence becomes greater, and our collective journey the better. With all of my love, may we continue to awaken, and blossom the heart. Bless you all.”


Kate has been a singer for as long as she can remember and first picked up the guitar when she was 14. She has done everything musical short of playing in an orchestra… from folk to blues and cafes to weddings and community choirs.

Her journey has more recently carried her back to the world of chanting, mantra and kirtan, revisiting an old passion in the joy of creating uplifting sound with others. Since this reconnection, the Ukelele and Celtic Harp have found their way into the musical landscape, supporting the original songs which seem to flow effortlessly now, fuelled by her true inspiration…. That is: sharing her love of voice and song to create a musical sanctuary, to connect us with others, provide refuge from the busyness of our everyday lives, quieten the mind and leave us with a deep sense of peace and joy.