17 February at 19:30–21:30

At The Green Owl
52 Brookes Street, Bowen Hills 4006

With a modern infusion of eclectic styles including beautiful folk songs, traditional sanskrit chants and sweet harmonies, this music is truly a pleasure to the ear and the heart. Kate plays her celtic harp, ukulele & guitar, sharing original sounds from her debut album Sun and Moon released in 2015. You can rest, you can sing, enjoy the vibe!

A singer for as long as she can remember, Kate has done everything musical short of playing in an orchestra! Here you find words of peace, love & joy that float in melodious contemplation, songs to uplift the heart, to be still amongst and songs to slow dance. Seek rest for your soul no more, it is here. Kate will be joined in harmony & keys by the talented Brian Martin.

TICKETS: $15 pre-paid, $20 at the door.

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