HeartSong Women’s Day Retreat!


Kate B

& special guest Nienke

12 September 2021


Come and nourish your voice, body and soul
at ‘Zen Space’ in the beautiful Samford Valley !

It’s time to dive into our inner world, share joy and connection with each other and create something profound together. We will move, stretch, breathe, sing, clap, make noise and be together in silence.  

Nienke will start the day with a gentle nada yoga session – the yoga of sound – which everyone will be able to participate in if they choose to, regardless of age or injuries. Our aim here is to bring vitality and breath into our whole body so we can release tension and experience deep relaxation and ease in our body and mind.

We will enjoy a harmony singing session led by Kate, and later in the afternoon we can sink into a Chanting and Sound Healing session led by Kate & Nienke together.  Oh and don’t forget our HeartSong cabaret where it is your time to shine!  Optional, of course. But honestly, it’s one of my favourite things!

You will have the opportunity to experience the joy, unity and freedom that singing in harmony with many other voices can bring.

Light refreshments included and you can BYO lunch or order from the cafe!

Kate are Nienke are kindred spirits who share a love of all things sound, song and harmony!  We can’t wait to share the day with you! 

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