Change your Tune with Darren Percival Poster

Do you need a tune-up? You regularly service your car – why not your voice?

Here is an opportunity to connect with other people that are enjoying the positive health benefits of singing together. Darren Percival has over 20 years of experience working with human voices and The Singing Space is where his natural ability to liberate others shines. A few years ago he evolved from vocal coaching, after many years of teaching people how to sing, to a new place of awareness – Resonance Management.

After a recent, all-day session in Brisbane a participant shared this resounding testimonial.

I had the honour of playing in a kaleidoscope of expression at a vocal workshop watching Darren Percival in his artistry is witnessing poetry in motion. He is the personification of expression and I love how he creates experiences for people to ‘see and hear themselves’ and breakthrough fears that are keeping their natural essence and life artistry under lock and key. He is simply sitting in the vulnerability of being himself and in his full expression, mirroring a permission slip for us all to do the same. His voice, heart and teaching inspires me to the core and allows me to start opening new terrain in myself for blossoming possibilities of sharing my soul song. I am being called into greater depth and expansion, sharing my medicine of sound, voice and song more to the world. Thank you, Darren, for sharing your light and stoking the flames in my belly to be bolder and braver in the expression in my song of life. Excited to work with him soon.

– Tess Mallett