Feeling the need to reset & redesign your life.. before it goes back to ‘normal’?

As women we are often looking after others but are sometimes challenged to find time out for ourselves to refuel and self nourish.

This day is just for that. It’s for you, to enjoy a mini retreat, the company of other women!

This is our regular nourishment day, but online, and half the price!

I’ll be joined by Karen Dickson for some art therapy plus all the usual goodness of restorative yoga, intention setting and sharing.  I can’t make the chai for you this time but you’ll get a recipe when you book in and you can put a fresh pot on in the morning for yourself!

If you’re planning on joining us here’s what you’ll need:

  • a private space where you won’t be interrupted
  • a yoga mat if you have one or doona/beach towel (sticky mat not needed for this class)
  • cotton blanket or two that that are firm when you fold them (not fluffy)
  • crescent moon or meditation cushion if you have one
  • a bolster or a few big beach towels rolled and tied in a sarong like a bon bon lolly on the ends! (Two is better!)
  • eye pillow or scarf for savasana (relaxation)
  • candle, incence, oil diffuser or anything else that helps you to create an atmosphere of relaxation
  • yoga blocks or big hard cover books if you have them and you know you like to use them
  • a laptop or tablet to watch the class (phone is ok but a bit small).

See you somewhere in the digital world soon my friends… Kate xx… ♥