Sun & Moon Album + Songbook Download

Sun & Moon Album + Songbook Download


Kate B
8 track album
Digital Download – MP3 files

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Your digital copy of the CD, PLUS PDF download of the lyrics & chords for the Sun & Moon Album, with original artwork by Karen Dickson.

A couple of years ago I shared with some good friends on a sunny new years morning, my intention for the coming year: to ‘undam the musical flow’. In July of 2014 at the completion of a yoga retreat I shared that it was high time I recorded a CD. After years of what felt like holding back the creative flow in order to keep up with demands of the busy-ness of ‘life’, the floodgates were finally opened! This album, my debut, is a testament to the potency of setting an intention, being witnessed and having so much support along the way…

In the final production Andy created some beautiful transitions between some tracks. No gap between the waves at the end of om shanti, straight into the whale song… and the chimes from Akash come in at the end of Gayatri. If you’re a shuffler or you’d like to make a compilation, please email me at and I’ll send you a link for the ‘singles’ versions of these files – they’ll work better to shuffle.

Once payment has been received, you’ll receive an email confirming your payment and that email will contain your download link. If you’re paying by direct deposit, you’ll receive the confirmation email once payment has been received in the account provided.


One of the files you’ll download is a zip file containing the mp3 song files, so you’ll need to know how to unzip a file. It’s easiest on a PC or Mac. If you’re downloading directly to your mobile phone, you’ll need a Unzip app to unzip it. For iPhone, you could install the free Zip Viewer for iPhone, or ES File Explorer for Android. If all this is confusing, and you don’t have a tech-savvy friend, you may be best to purchase the hard copy of the CD instead.


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